Rent the equipment you always wanted!
Want to try a lens or camera out for that special trip or event?

How does it work?
You choose the the piece of equipment, send us an e-mail stating when you want it and the length of time then we will reply with the availability and a payment request via PayPal.  At this time all first time renters will be required to pay a deposit equal to the replacement cost. This deposit will be placed on your credit card.  When the item is returned the deposit amount minus the rental fee will be credited back to your card.  For established customers the deposit may be waved on some items.  There is a $20 shipping charge for FedEx ground shipping to your US address

We will take reservations up to 30 days in advance for a $15 non refundable reservation fee.

We only will ship to a US address. There is a $20 shipping charge and you are responsible for shipping back with appropriate insurance.  We will ship FedEx ground in time for the item to arrive at your location at the requested time.  All items will be shipped in padded bags or cases and are to be shipped back using the same packaging material.  Delivery confirmation will be required on all items to and from our location.

Rental period?
The start of your rental period begins the day after we receive confirmation of delivery to your address and ends when the duration of calendar days requested is up.  In other words if you rent for one week you will have 7 full days to use the item. You must provide us a tracking number the day after your rental term or you will be charged additional days until we receive the tracking number.

Damage or Loss?
The renter assumes full responsibility for any damage or loss of the equipment while in their possession.  If the item fails to function upon receipt we must be notified within 8 hours of receiving the equipment of the problem. We reserve the right to asses damage fees up to the full replacement cost for damage we deem beyond normal wear and tear.

Why rent from me?
I am a photographer myself and strive to offer the hobbyist photographer the opportunity to use equipment without making a permanent investment for a short term period.  I also include many additional accessories with my gear to make it fully functional as if you owned it yourself.  In most cases extra batteries memory cards and, for most lenses, polarizing filters are included.  I also offer knowledgeable technical assistance via phone for personal service.  If we have had previous rental experience I may wave or reduce the required deposit.

Is there a piece of gear that you want to rent but is not listed?
If there is a piece of gear I do not have and you commit to a 3 week or longer rental I normally will be happy to acquire the gear specifically for your use and rental period.

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